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“Communication” is important for Babies and young Children

by Vaibhav Wardhan 22 Jun 2021

Dedicated to every avid reader, who was once a baby

From birth, warm, gentle, and responsive communication helps babies and children have a sense of safety in their world. It additionally builds and reinforces relationships among children and their parents. To develop a lot of skills, children need safety, security, and strong relationships, so communicating effectively with children is vital for their development.

Understanding communication begins before birth (during pregnancy) and continues through life, as a child hears, sees, and interprets data from others. The expression of communication or a child's language begins with the head, eye, and body movements, as well as through simple vocalizations and hand motions. Language expression progresses to words, sentences, and conversations through numerous methods including gestures, spoken words, sign language, pictorial language systems, and communication boards.

Let's consider the significance of communication for young children. As one of the major developmental tasks in children, figuring out how to communicate is key for them to interact with the persons in their reality and to have their needs met. Communication improvement for young children includes acquiring the skills to understand and to express thoughts, feelings, and data. 

Communication is central for overall human development, for babies and young children when they are being molded in early ages to become great human beings.

Reading books play a major role in stimulating language development for babies and children, it helps them visualize the world they live in, explore the obvious and not so obvious things around. And most important of all the current age books, which includes picture books, novelty books like Lift-the-flap, Pop-up books, magnet books, help kids with their imagination and be able to better relate with things and surroundings.

When babies reach their first birthday they will have learned all the sounds expected to speak their native language. The more stories you read out loud, the more words your baby can hear and the better they'll talk. 

Hearing words helps to build a rich network of words in a baby's brain. Kids whose parents talk and read to them regularly know a greater number of words by age 2 than youngsters who have not been perused to. Furthermore, kids who are read to during their early years are bound to learn at the ideal time.

Books don't simply assist children with learning words, it also helps in their sentence formation while growing up. For instance, hearing us pausing after a piece of the sentence and pausing for more toward the finish of the sentence. They will likewise figure out how to utilize connectives, for example, 'and' or 'because' to link parts of sentences together. 

Children may notice parents attempting to pronounce a difficult word (like dinosaur names!) and figure out how words are composed of sounds that we mix together. Not exclusively will this assist them when they are figuring out how to read utilizing phonics yet it additionally gives them confidence and reassurance that even grown-ups discover a few words hard to say!

For babies and young children, these books transport them into their own world of imagination. It is very important to observe how continued exposure to the right books help children with improved awareness of surroundings, impart learning in a very natural and agile way without forcing our thoughts and our stereotypical learnings.


Reading is important for babies and young children as it sparks the child’s imagination and also helps in stimulating curiosity. It helps in developing early literacy skills. In addition to that, it is a way for the development of the child’s brain, their ability to focus, concentration, social skills and communication skills. Reading helps young children to construct their vocabulary, upgrade sentence-structure abilities and improve their overall communication skills. As a child reads, he/ she will turn out to be more comfortable with the English language and have the option to utilize it all the more unhesitatingly both in oral communication and written work. So, make sure you bless your blooming stars with an opportunity to wrap themselves in the warmth of great storybooks!

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