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Illustration book: Beyond words and visual

by Vaibhav Wardhan 06 Jun 2021

Children's author Mem Fox says of reading picture books, "As we share the words and pictures, the ideas and viewpoints, the rhythms and rhymes, the pain and comfort, and the hopes and fears and enormous issues of life that we encounter together in the pages of a book, we interface through minds and hearts with our children and bond in a secret society associated with the books we have shared. The fire of literacy is made by the emotional sparks between a kid, a book and the person reading."

Yes! Picture books spark the fire of literacy. Their importance in the life of a child can't be understated. Picture books are the books in which words and pictures recount the story or idea. Dissimilar to most other book forms, a kid must gander at the art and listen to the words to follow the story.

Benefits of picture books


Introduce children to reading

Picture books are normally the principal books read to children, generally due to the pictures! Yet additionally on the grounds that the stories are short and simple to follow. By reading picture books to a kid, the adult is likewise showing them that reading is significant.

Encourage conversations

The images in the book just as the words start conversations and can encourage different activities like counting, or shadings. As you visit the story during or after you can truly engage the youngster in the thing that is going on and improve their communication skills. Strangely, research has shown that parents who converse with their children more enjoy a benefit in school versus parents who talk less to their children.

Fortify visual thinking skills

By associating the images on the page with the words it assists children with understanding the words, just as interacting them with a meaning through the picture.In the event that children are experiencing issues with the words, the illustrations can help them sort out the story, which can build their comprehension.

Introduce Art

The illustrations aren't only an enhancement to the content. They enhance the story and emotions. The setting encourages a kid to return to various pictures again and again, seeing new things, reading characters' emotions and connections, and conceiving secondary subplots that are told uniquely in the pictures.

 Building Language Skills

When reading through picture books during story time, at home or in the classroom, children can work on sounding out the language while adults present and clarify new and interesting words. The rhythm and rhyme of picture books makes them straightforward and enjoyable to read out loud, permitting children to learn words rapidly. Furthermore, reading a similar story more than once increases vocabulary by 12%.

Expanding Engagement

Picture books permit teachers and parents to invest energy discussing the story, pictures and words. This gives young readers confidence and permits them to discuss what they see on the page, what occurred in the story, what the characters are doing and which events have unfolded.

Delivering Fun

Picture books should always make the reading experience fun. On the off chance that a child's first experience with reading is a negative one, it might cause reading to give off an impression of being work as opposed to fun, which may hinder a child's progress from picture books to chapter books.

Like any experience for children, it's significant that they like what they're doing to succeed. Teachers and parents should encourage children to read whatever they're interested in, including novels, comics, magazines and poems.


For young readers, picture books are an important piece of learning how to read. Generally, picture books denote the first step in acquainting a kid with reading and is regularly the beginning of language development for some youngsters. Libraries that incorporate picture books to elevate literacy to young readers are boosting beginner-level vocabulary skills, introducing sentence formation and creating story imagination.

Picture books are important due to how readers interact with them, particularly the read-aloud experience. Regardless of the number of grants it might have won or how delightful the prose or illustrations, an unread picture book gathering dust on a rack is simply paper and cardboard. The magic starts when a kid or adult reader opens up the book.

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