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 Ignited Minds: Sound Book

Good books have always been popular among children and, of course, their favorite ones. They are suitable for both newborns and older toddlers. You can begin playing and reading gentle sound books to babies as soon as they are born. Ignited Minds has a wide range of sound books available; depending on your child's age, you can use them in various ways, and your child will be able to interact and play with them in a variety of ways. What's essential, the variety of our sound books expands as a youngster grows. If you decide to buy a sound book for your child, or perhaps a couple, we promise that you will equally have a great time as your child.

Advantages of gifting a Sound book to your child

Sound books supplement your reading of books to your children by providing audio input. In addition to increasing a kid's listening abilities and attention span, these books assist the youngster form a mental link between the written and spoken word, which aids in language development. Sound books are a terrific method for your youngster to independently investigate how things look and how they sound. These books help them enhance their pronunciation and listening skills in the process. These books are also entertaining and a terrific way to keep little kids entertained while doing something productive. Your youngster will be encouraged to read the books when those are audio-based. The sound books, which can be read and enjoyed in the bus or on trains and cars, will help a child cope better with long journeys, use the time productively learning something interesting.

Children who have difficulty sleeping alone may find it simpler to do so if they relax by listening to stories before bed.

What are the benefits of sound books for babies?

Sound books encourage your child to look, indicate, touch, and respond to inquiries by encouraging him or her to look, point, touch, and answer questions—this aids in social growth and cognitive abilities. By replicating sounds, identifying visuals, and learning words, your toddler will be able to strengthen his or her language and communicative skills.

Sound Books from Ignited Minds

Our sound books have such a realistic sound quality that your child will feel as if they are a character in the story, present in the moment, be it in the garden or on the farm, or the jungle, in the woods, giving a touch and feel experience.

The books have colorful, glittering artwork and brief stories that compliment the scenes on each page. When a child touches a finger pad sensor, sounds are generated. Similarly, the child can deactivate these sensors by using an ON or OFF switch on the back of the book according to their mood. Moreover, each book page has strong cut-outs, peek-throughs, and finger trails, distinguishing our sound books from others. We guarantee that our readers will have a fantastic sensory experience with those tiny fingers, whether a toddler or an adult!

All our books are available online, and our customers can buy any of the books from Ignited Minds online at the best price.